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Using Re:load Pro on Ubuntu Linux

A couple quick notes to make Re:load pro work on Ubuntu Linux without requiring root privileges and without having to manually figure out the device file name

Using Re:load Pro from an unprivileged user (non-root).

€ sudo apt-get install expect-dev
€ unbuffer udevadm monitor --environment | grep 'ID_SERIAL='

Plug in the device.


Create or update udev configuration to recognize your Re:load Pro and assign it regular permission bits and ownership.

€ sudo vi /etc/udev/rules.d/60-ttyUSB.rules

Contents of the udev rules file should be as below, where you change:

  • the OWNER id to your own username
  • the ENV{ID_SERIAL} string with the one found using the above grep command, notice the unique serial number!!

ACTION!="add", GOTO="persistent_serial_end"
SUBSYSTEM!="tty", GOTO="persistent_serial_end"
KERNEL!="ttyUSB[0-9]*", GOTO="persistent_serial_end"

# IMPORT="usb_id --export %p"

ENV{ID_SERIAL}=="Arachnid_Labs_Ltd_Re:load_Pro_DAXWP0Z7" , SYMLINK="reLoadPro" , SYMLINK+="ttyUSB006" , OWNER="yourUsername"


Reload udev configuration to activate it.
Unplug the Re:load Pro

€ sudo udevadm control --reload

First time set up for flashing firmware

€ sudo apt-get install python-pip
€ sudo python -m pip install cyflash

The defaults on the flash tools are such that you need to be root to execute it. This is a good thing security-wise, you don’t wat to accidentally flash your Re:load Pro or accidentally flash another device connected to your computer with a similar chipset. If you really don’t like the root-requirement, you can change it as follows:

€ sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cyflash
€ sudo chmod a+r /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/cyflash/*

Firmware update
Download the latest release from github: https://github.com/arachnidlabs/reload-pro/tree/master/firmware/release , check the correct file you are about to download:

€ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/arachnidlabs/reload-pro/master/firmware/release/Reload%20Pro%20v1.9.cyacd

Flashing the firmware

€ sudo python -m cyflash --serial /dev/reLoadPro "Reload Pro v1.9.cyacd"
Initialising bootloader.
Silicon ID 0x04a61193, revision 17.
Array 0: first row 22, last row 255.
Device application_id 0, version 259.
Uploading data (211/211)
Device checksum verifies OK.
Rebooting device.

Using Re:load Pro from USB serial

Install screen. A nice GUI alternative is putty

€ sudo apt-get install screen putty

Open the serial connection as follows, where reLoadPro is the device file that is defined in udev at the top of this article:

€ screen /dev/reLoadPro 115200

Commands typed in the console are not echoed to the screen. Type version to check if all works as expected. Re:load Pro should answer similar to:

version 1.9

Exit screen using Ctrl-A K.